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Happy Beginning: First blog post

This is the first post for the new blog humor, hope and holiness. Topic--Happy beginnings and happy endings. Books: "All of 'em should have a happy ending. All of 'em hast to!" This post includes a happy beginning plan for the blog which explains what readers might find in each of the menu categories: faith matters, music matters and open roads.

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Practicing Motorcycling. Biker Chick History. Bar of Soap Discipline.

Practicing Motorcycling: In addition to being MUCH more vigilant about examining road conditions (looking for potholes, gravel, debris, etc.), there are two skills I have had to practice to get them to be automatic with my new Yamaha 1100 Virago... Continue Reading →

Self-discipline and PATIENCE: A New Motorcycle Hobby!

This motorcycle is the beginning of my husband's and my new hobby together. We take turns riding, not far from home, to practice maneuvers and increase our levels of comfort on this bike on the roads with automobiles, uneven pavement... Continue Reading →

Two on a Path: “It’s Uphill that Way,” She Commented. “But it’s HOME,” He Replied.

While walking along this path, an older gentleman with his obviously aged dog, approached me. When they were a few feet ahead, I pointed behind me and cheerfully said, "It's uphill that way." With a smile, he knowingly turned his... Continue Reading →

“String Birds” Argument: Two Against One?

Vivian (age 8) stated, "Nick, there's no such thing as "string birds." "YES, there is," Nick (age 4) retorted, "Daddy said so!" "NO, it's blackbirds," Vivian argued. "No..." Nick began. Then Mom interceded, "What are string birds, Nick?" He calmly... Continue Reading →

A “Music” Video: “Heirloom Piano Dusting Melody” on YouTube. A Test. And More.

"Music" Video: Heirloom Piano Dusting Melody The "Music" Video: "Heirloom Piano Dusting Melody" is an iMovie video made from a (seriously silly, spontaneous) cell phone recording for the main purpose of learning to put a video on YouTube that I could then link back... Continue Reading →

Eager to Experience the Pristine and Peaceful…Beyond the Rugged and Harsh

Disciplining our children requires wisdom, patience and consistency. We discipline them because we love them. God disciplines us because He loves us. Discipline is for our good, though it may seem harsh at the time. Being a prayerful, compassionate Christian who trusts God in everything requires discipline. Can being trained by a Wise Disciplinarian make a pristine and peaceful future more likely to prevail over a rugged harsh one? Time will tell.

Can GOOD NEWS Prevail Over BAD NEWS?

It's bad news when a boy goes to the refrigerator and exclaims with a horrified voice, "Not again! It's empty!" It's good news when good prevails over evil. Why do people gossip to spread bad news about others? What is it that keeps people listening to bad news and believing untruthful news? How can we discern what news is "good" versus "bad?" In this post, blogger Keena ruminates on these topics and shares Scripture from the Holy Bible.

Racing Through Stepping Stones and Pit Stops. Helping Loved Ones Along the Way.

Do you "give it your all" in competitive environments, striving to win the prize? Are restorative pit stops along the way of your life's race so you can remain energized, rested and able to carry on through unpredictable paths of unfamiliar stepping stones and pit stops? This post contains thoughts about racing and competition and goals, along with Scripture verses about how God establishes our steps and rescues us from pits of destruction. A photo of a confusing traffic signal prompts questions about responding to a loved one's serious illness. Knowing Jesus as Savior and Lord is most important.

LIGHT and FREEDOM – CT 050628

Four-year-old Nick said, "The sun is beeping in my eyes." "Beeping?" Mom asked. "Yes, because light, shade, light, shade..." he concluded. During that one night, we enjoyed watching and hearing a {fire department sanctioned} fireworks display over a small pond... Continue Reading →

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