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Happy Beginning: First blog post

This is the first post for the new blog humor, hope and holiness. Topic--Happy beginnings and happy endings. Books: "All of 'em should have a happy ending. All of 'em hast to!" This post includes a happy beginning plan for the blog which explains what readers might find in each of the menu categories: faith matters, music matters and open roads.

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The Hope of Glory — A Mystery, a Song and a Miracle! (Link to YouTube)

The blog post "The Hope of Glory--a Mystery, a Song and a Miracle!" includes a YouTube link to the music video titled: "The Hope of Glory Scripture Song." This post also includes the remarkable story of how the song came to be written and recorded. May God give you first-hand knowledge of this mystery: "Christ in you, the hope of glory."

Dangerous but FUN Go-Pro SLEDDING With My Brave Childhood FRIEND! (YouTube video links)

In the photo, my brave, adventurous friend was wearing a Go-Pro camera on a headband. As we were rapidly approaching a sharp corner, she was pointing ahead in sheer terror, and wondering what I meant by, "Hold on!!! We're going... Continue Reading →

Go-Pro Sledding: Beginning – YouTube Video Link – (More Posts/Links to Come)

For two ladies over 50, our sledding adventure was OUTRAGEOUSLY DANGEROUS and INVIGORATING!!! Hindsight proves I endangered my precious friend's life and well-being! Yet, GOD GRACIOUSLY PROTECTED US and allowed us to have crazy, wholesome, exhilarating FUN!!!  In this post is a... Continue Reading →

Experimenting with GoPro and Instagram

Personal update: Instead of posting each week through December and January, I have been spending more time with family and friends and sharing photos, Bible verses and stories on Instagram (#humorhopeandholiness). Also, for the past week-and-a-half, I have been quite... Continue Reading →

Prayers of Thanksgiving by Children. When Giggles Fit.

Prayers of Thanksgiving to God by Children: for loving us, for family and friends, for "this great day!" etc. Humorous "giggle fits" stories and encouraging Scripture verses from the Bible render this a blog post that encourages Christians to keep praying to God and rejoicing in our salvation in Christ Jesus, giving thanks to the LORD, for He is good!

Birds — Music — Connections

HumorHopeandHoliness is now on Instagram! Nick (age 5) showed his grandma where Mom kept the birthday money. "Why did she put it up here?" Grandma asked. Nick replied, "She put it there to protect it from the babies and the... Continue Reading →

Mourning; Mikey on a Motorcycle; Incidents. In GOD We Trust!

(Note: This post begins somberly but ends joyously!) As a Blogger posted on October 5, 2017: "Our country is in mourning..." Bill Wilson, "The Daily Jot". Throughout the world people are mourning because of the devastation and loss from hurricanes, volcanoes, wildfires,... Continue Reading →

Practicing Motorcycling. Biker Chick History. Bar of Soap Discipline.

Practicing Motorcycling: In addition to being MUCH more vigilant about examining road conditions (looking for potholes, gravel, debris, etc.), there are two skills I have had to practice to get them to be automatic with my new Yamaha 1100 Virago... Continue Reading →

Self-discipline and PATIENCE: A New Motorcycle Hobby!

This motorcycle is the beginning of my husband's and my new hobby together. We take turns riding, not far from home, to practice maneuvers and increase our levels of comfort on this bike on the roads with automobiles, uneven pavement... Continue Reading →

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