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Happy Beginning: First blog post

This is the first post for the new blog humor, hope and holiness. Topic--Happy beginnings and happy endings. Books: "All of 'em should have a happy ending. All of 'em hast to!" This post includes a happy beginning plan for the blog which explains what readers might find in each of the menu categories: faith matters, music matters and open roads.

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Memories of Loved Ones Brightened by Flowers Blossoming in May

"A Quiet Restoration" poem. Bleeding hearts. Compassion demonstrated by adult children as parent caregivers. Loss and Memorials. Love and Redemption.

Life is a Gift

Life is a gift. Lovely gifts from neighbors. A brother offers himself as a gift. Receive the gift of Eternal Life through Jesus Christ. Holy Bible Scripture verses. Thankful to God (some reasons to pray). Two children look for heaven and determine "where God is."

Love Flowing Over

Nick (age 9) said to Mom, "My love is more than Andy's. Mine's an inch more." Then Nick added, "Picture love as a tank of water; Andy's is full and mine is flowing over." Prior to this declaration of overflowing... Continue Reading →

Praying to the Glory of God

Here is one perspective on prayer and praying: Nick (age 5) adamantly exclaimed to his older sibling: "MY PRAYS GETTIN' AHEAD A YOURS PRAYS!" What if every Christian prayed frequently, fervently and faithfully as though we are in a competition?! (Think "extremely dedicated Olympic-level competition.") Imagine what... Continue Reading →

Simple Faith Overcomes a Complicated World – (Edited then Reposted)

A married Marine, back when she was thirteen, exclaimed: "Life would be boring if we didn't have complications."  The title of this post: "Simple Faith Overcomes a Complicated World," or some such wording, almost became a tagline for this blog. It describes... Continue Reading →

Teen Guy Opines About Hair Color; Young Girl Logically Locates a Tattoo

  Teen Guy (15): Nick saw a gal with colorful hair: blue, pink and yellow. He opined, "Hair should be a natural color, hair should not be any color that is the color of snow cones. If hair is brown naturally, it's... Continue Reading →

Peace. Self-control. PROMISE.

Peace. "Let's see what I'm doing today," Andy (7) said as he opened his Bible one morning. "Love, joy, peace...what is peace? Oh, yeah. Patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. I'm doing it all, so far!" "But the fruit... Continue Reading →

You Decide: Run and Hide or Come Alive!

Do you believe our only hope of holiness...our only hope of Jesus? Read "Hiding Out" then "You Decide." Come alive!

Three Kinds: Cold, Wonderful and Scary

"Did you know there are three kinds of goose bumps--the cold one, the wonderful one and the scary one?" seven-year-old Andy told Mom after she asked if he was cold in the doctor's office waiting room. My family of four... Continue Reading →

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